About SAM

The SAM Story

After Sam Kimura was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia in 2010, she was told that she would need a bone marrow transplant in order to be cured. Because her sister Alex wasn’t a match for the transplant, Sam had to look to the National Bone Marrow Donor Registry in hopes of finding someone whose tissue type matched hers out of the 11 million people signed up. Not one was a match. Unfortunately Sam’s case is not unique and thousands of patients with bone marrow diseases and blood cancers are unable to find transplant matches simply because there are not enough options. The Kimura sisters are going to change this. 

Sam and Alex, along with their best friend Taylor Shorten, are leaving everything behind to embark on a journey across the country to spread the word about the need for donors, to squash the myths about the donation process, and to turn regular people into heroes by giving them the opportunity to save a life. They are going to go to colleges, churches, concerts, sporting events, festivals, and anywhere else where they can sign up potential donors. And along the way they hope to connect with other young patients who are battling life-threatening illnesses to build a supportive community full of encouragement, hope, and adventure. 

By the end of the journey, SAM hopes to have started the positive conversation about bone marrow donation in this country, helping people understand that they can save another human being's life in their lifetime. Their goal is to register at least 50,000 donors in 50 states in 2015, and that for years to come, thousands of others will also seek out the opportunity to be a hero. With this effort, thousand of lives could be saved because matches will be found for these patients in need. And maybe they will even find a hero for Sam too

Our Mission

Sharing America’s Marrow (SAM) is devoted to signing up as many potential donors to the bone marrow donor registry as possible by spreading the word across the country about the need, squashing the myths about the donation process, and turning regular people into heroes by giving them the opportunity to save a life. We bring life to those who are fighting for theirs, not just by finding transplant matches, but by fostering hope, inspiring adventure, and generating a supportive and passionate community dedicated to living each day to its fullest.
Please visit www.sharingamericasmarrow.com for more information